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Prosthesis in Minsk: professional restoration perfect smile

Beautiful, smooth and white smile - a magnificent gift of nature, a dream of many people. But as a result of an unbalanced diet, improper care or bad heredity teeth begin to deteriorate quickly. Sometimes tooth destruction reaches large scale, leading to partial or complete loss of dentition. Dental prosthetics and implantation at a professional dentist Dmitry Stanevko is an effective remedy for the problem.

Even if the loss of a tooth does not cause aesthetic discomfort, it is not recommended to ignore treatment. Without it there's always a risk to face unpleasant consequences: malocclusion, deformation of face shape, problems with diction, deterioration of chewing and bowel diseases. Therefore it is important to get professional help on time to avoid such health troubles.

Dmitry Stanevko is a professional dentist, who successfully practices prosthetics, implantation and surgery. The dentist's services are highly demanded due to wide professional experience, education, regular training in special courses and individual approach to each patient's treatment.

Dental prosthetics in Minsk is available for customers from other cities. Dmitry Stanevko takes patients by pre-entry and provides free consultations, that are available online.

Dentist performs prosthetic procedures in the case of total or partial loss of a tooth and damaged root canal. Dmitry Stanevko due to high professionalism and experience in performing this kind of dental treatment, returns the dentition integrity and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Cured teeth are strong and beautiful, having the quality that is not inferior to natural.

Implantation in Belarus is a guarantee of high quality, reliability and safety of provided services.

Oral Health pledge of longevity

Implantation in the dental office of Dmitry Stanevko in Minsk assumes a use of synthetic analogues. With their help it is possible to restore perfect smile in case of missing one or several teeth or all jaw. The procedure allows to forget about the discomfort and prostheses, which in the past have been used by many elderly people.

Dr. Stanevko performs implantation with the most modern and effective techniques: transgingival, classical and basal (immediate load).

Transfer 3D computer tomography (CT) via the Internet
Computed tomography of maxillofacial department (teeth picture in 3D) - a modern method of examination of the basic parameters of the mandibular division. With the latest ortopantomografy it is possible to play in a 3D projection of the structure of the jaw, to assess the volume and height of the maxillofacial bone stages of decay and destruction...
Secrets of recovery when installing crown on a tooth
One of the most common services provided by dentists is dental restoration. The crown on the tooth is set with special cement, closing it completely (protrudes above the gum line). We are talking about how to install design, playing the role of foreign dental surface.  Installing the crown makes sense in view of a number of...
Dental treatment
"We need a little patience" during treatment - this last century. Are you afraid of a toothache and because of that put off a visit to the dentist? Throw away the fear! Modern dentistry follows the principle: the patient should not have to worry because of unpleasant sensations in the treatment or dental prosthetics. Held dental...
Svetlana Mihailovna

Immediate load  Removing 7 teeth, installation 10 implants (Switzerland), installation 14 crowns on time 5 days

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Larisa Konstatinovna (Naroch)

(Translate) Thank you, Doctor, for their sensitivity and excellent work! He wore a removable prosthesis , but the teeth on which he kept broken off. It became the question: removable prosthesis or implantation in two phases, which will be delayed for a year. Dmitry Stanevko recommend to make a one-step

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