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About me

The solution of any problems with your teeth should only trust a professional doctors, for which dentistry has become not just a job, but a real vocation. Dmitry Stanevko just such masters of their craft.High qualification was obtained by them in the Belarusian Medical University at the Faculty of Dentistry (2009) and during the passage of residency on the basis of the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery (2015).

Years of practice, continuous improvement of skills through the development of new techniques and materials allow the doctor to offer patients the best treatment options.

Dentist-orthopedist in Belarus

Practitioner in Minsk orthodontist, Dmitry Stanevko offers its customers an individual approach in dealing with complex issues such as:

  • congenital or acquired defects of the jaw apparatus;

  • deformation, acquired as a result of injury, disease, tooth loss, age-related changes;

  • removable and non-removable dentures;

  • restoration of individual teeth.

All this allows you to restore the health and beauty of the dentition of the patient, prepare him for surgery. Orthodontic and orthopedic treatment is performed with the use of modern materials, best practices, metal-ceramic, zirconium or metalloakrilovyh crowns. Passage of a specialized course "Modern materials in dentistry" has allowed Dmitry Stanevko improve individual selection of materials for the treatment, full recovery of the functional and aesthetic features of the teeth of their patients.

In 2013, Dmitry Stanevko passed training course "The decision of occlusal problems through the front arch and articulator" of the well-known Austrian company. With this knowledge, his patients can benefit from innovative approaches developed by foreign experts, in the correction of orthodontic problems. Specialized medical course "Preparation of dental patients for orthopedic treatment" supplemented the knowledge of the doctor with new techniques Belarusian orthopedists. It is up to the preparatory work doctor (treatment channels implanted pins, create tabs) depends on the level of quality followed by the installation of crowns, their rate of healing and longevity.

The surgeon-dentist in Belarus

If you require the services of a dental surgeon in Minsk, Dmitry Stanevko ready to help in difficult cases. Among the key services:

  • comprehensive treatment;

  • implantation or removal of teeth;

  • solving other problems oral surgery.

All these operations are conducted by a doctor-implantologist with extensive practical experience. Dmitry Stanevko is receiving in his dental office by appointment, as well as provides advice online.Among the main advantages of such treatment in a specialist:

  • Individual selection of optimal materials and methods;

  • the use of best practices of domestic and foreign experts;

  • excellent results regardless of the complexity of the problem;

  • comprehensive treatment;

  • continuous quality assurance;

  • detailed consultation each patient.

High standards of service and care about the quality of the patient's life - that's what distinguishes this doctor. Ask your questions easily directly on the site or by e-mail. If you need immediate assistance professional dentist, qualified consultation, orthopedic, orthodontic or surgical treatment, appointment to Dmitry Stanevko available right now.


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