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Dental treatment

"We need a little patience" during treatment - this last century. Are you afraid of a toothache and because of that put off a visit to the dentist? Throw away the fear! Modern dentistry follows the principle: the patient should not have to worry because of unpleasant sensations in the treatment or dental prosthetics.

Held dental treatment with different types of anesthesia - the doctor will select the most suitable. Among the options - Application anesthesia, infiltration, conduction, stem. The choice influenced by the presence of various diseases: hypertension disease, heart problems and blood vessels, allergies, diabetes. Only after this tactic anesthesia is chosen. Sometimes they refer to general anesthesia.

Pain during implantation, from injection to dental treatment under general anesthesia

It is important that the patient does not feel pain. But adequate anesthesia is chosen, the pain is removed to a certain minimum. The method is selected based on a specific case when implanted. The doctor relies on the basic principle of "do no harm". The most common variant during implantation - a local anesthetic.

You scared of the syringe use? Optional surface or Application anesthesia. Dentist "freezes" the upper right area of tissue. Instead of an injection - spray lidocaine. Such a surface anesthesia, but sometimes it will work. This method is used for other procedures - removal of mobile teeth, remove tartar.

For infiltration anesthesia accessed frequently. Anesthetic injections are used. The result - an adequate anesthetic outcome. If toothache treatment too often supplemented this type of anesthesia. It is also called "freezing". For most patients, this type of anesthesia sign. The drug is injected into the bone, it operates for two hours.

Accessed and conduction anesthesia. The method is good for bone surgery. The analgesic agent enters the nerves surrounding the base of the teeth. Reduce the sensitivity of the selected area of the jaw. Maximum strong - stem anesthesia. It blocks the nerve endings of the jaws. We have all kinds of unique contra - personal intolerance of the anesthetic. The doctor will determine this before the start of the operation. You may need dental treatment under general anesthesia.

Dental treatment under general anesthesia: a sensitive approach

You need to maximize the safe anesthesia? There is a category of patients, which requires a special approach - pregnant women. The dentist will choose harmless anesthetic without toxins.Some drugs are mixed with a vasoconstrictor drug - to means falling into the blood.

Dentistry dream

General anesthesia is rarely used. But sometimes can not do without it. For example, if the patient has cardiovascular disease, allergies, with respiratory problems or severe immune disorders. Sometimes it prevents the gag reflex. Then there is the treatment of teeth during sleep. You do not feel no pain, no vibration, no pressure, no compression. There was no sound of a drill, odors or medical instruments. The procedure is performed with the patient asleep - dental treatment under general anesthesia eliminates injury due to sudden movements.

Sleep depth is chosen different - it depends on the painful procedure. As a result, the physician can heal all the sick teeth at a time. And reduced the period and the price of treatment. For the safety of the patient warrants not only a dentist, but his colleague - an experienced anesthesiologist. It is certainly close, adjust depth of sleep, heart function and breathing. Patient treatment after tooth comes to life and gets the finished result.

What material is used for the treatment, stipulate in advance. It does not depend on the choice of anesthetic. If the tooth is being treated under anesthesia, you previously have a chat with your doctor about the patient material. You can specify and cost. In addition to the anesthesia, dentistry facilitate different methods: the use of laser, the infiltration method, ozone therapy.The doctor will do everything to make you comfortable.

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