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Stamps photopolymer fillings

If the teeth are exposed to decay quickly wear out and have a variety of defects, their sealing. Today, especially popular or light-curing photopolymer fillings are a mixture of polymers and fillers which harden under special lamps glow.

Photopolymer seal replaces the prosthesis in the case of extensive dental defects. Although the price of such materials is relatively high, their strength, reliability and durability are far superior to conventional designs.

Stamps photopolymer fillings

The seal of the photopolymer is durable and plastic material that is different aesthetic appearance. The most popular brands are Filtek, Estelite (America), Gradia (Japan). These materials have a special scale of colors, so you can choose the best color fillings. Consider the features of all these brands.


Gradia is the latest restorative material, which is made ​​of mikrofilnyh fillers. Directional solidification is carried out under light irradiation.

Gradia universal restorative material, is used for the restoration of all teeth. Seals have a smooth, flat surface, and a variety of shades, thus ensuring ultimate durability and extended life of the dental structures.


Estelite Asteria used for different classes of cavity. Usually, with the help refurbish the front and side teeth, the affected by caries or pulpitis.

Estelite - radiopaque material, it facilitates the diagnosis of teeth in the future. In it are concentrated silica-zirconia and composite fillers, making it the best from an aesthetic point of view.


Filtek restorative is a material having a high fluorescence ability. This makes it perfectly mimics the natural teeth. With it, fill the cavities in the front teeth. The material has excellent wear resistance and durability, smooth surface allows easy polishing.

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