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Автор: Svetlana Mihailovna17.07.2016
Immediate load  Removing 7 teeth, installation 10 implants (Switzerland), installation 14 crowns on time 5 days
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Автор: Larisa Konstatinovna (Naroch)17.07.2016
(Translate) Thank you, Doctor, for their sensitivity and excellent work! He wore a removable prosthesis , but the teeth on which he kept broken off. It became the question: removable prosthesis or implantation in two phases, which will be delayed for a year. Dmitry Stanevko recommend to make a one-step
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Автор: Anna17.07.2016
(Translate) Stanevko Dmitry wonderful doctor. It has long wanted to whiten your teeth, but did not dare because everywhere write, that it is harmful to the teeth. Dmitry told all about teeth whitening and offered to make office whitening. I agreed, although I doubt the result. The procedure I liked the result, happy with the
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Автор: Emilia Fedorovna Palchenkova (Israel)17.07.2016
(Translate) Dmitry Aleksandrovich! Thank you very much for your work. Today, exactly two months, I have installed 10 implants and prosthetics you spent. Every day I thank you for your help. Work SUPER !!! I wish you all good health and good luck
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Автор: Alexey17.07.2016
(Translate) Last year, he did splinting. Master had pretty sweat) But the result exceeded all my expectations! After his work grow together all very nice and I was completely satisfied with my jaw I gave a second life) My longtime dentist for the past 7 years. It makes all very nice and very inexpensive I express my gratitude to
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Автор: Cristina17.07.2016
(Translate) Stanevko Dmitry - one of the best dentists in Minsk! This sensitivity to the patients I have not seen! A true professional in their field! So closely it relates to their work. By him in spring three 6s metallokiramiku! It makes everything neat, painless, and most importantly, high quality! There was
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Автор: Maria17.07.2016
(Translate) Somewhere 1.5 years ago, Dmitry performed a miracle to mine, since childhood, a broken front tooth !!! If you want to make a good impression - without beautiful white clove of nowhere !!! For a long time I put on a front tooth, a seal, which always gave out some flaws and the color was different, and it is not shone, of
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Автор: Elena17.07.2016
(Translate) Dmitry Stanevko, very nice doctor in stages and is available explaining the whole process of treatment. My metal crown is made ​​perfectly, safely and quickly caught on. Thank you, Dmitri, for literacy, professionalism and attention to its customers
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Автор: Galina17.07.2016
(Translate) I removed three teeth. Of course I can understand that feeling of fear did not leave until the last moment. But as it turned out, that all in vain. I fell into the hands of beauty dentist. His skill and professionalism helped me to cope with it all. Friends, if you ever need the services of a dentist recommend
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Автор: Valentina17.07.2016
(Translate) I will not go into the details of the process, I can only say that I was comfortable treated by Dmitry Alexandrovich, I came out of it with a smile and with confidence that I am under the protection of an experienced and professional in their field. Thank you, doctor, for competent and humane approach to the patient's problems
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