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Dental implantation in Belarus

Rarely whom nature gives strong little teeth prone to fracture. Most of the adults often visit a dentist for treatment. Modern medicine allows us to safely carry out not only simple, but also complex manipulations.

Dental implants - artificial replacement tooth analogue ( watch video ). Such a twin tooth is good because it does not falter, it will not be lost during a meal, conversation.

Why restore teeth?

Even if you do not mind the aesthetic side of the issue, you need to know: Tooth loss leads to irreversible consequences:

  • bone atrophy, thinner;

  • existing teeth worn down faster due to the increased load on them;

  • changing the shape of the face, the cheeks sink, wrinkles;

  • due to a lack of careful chewing suffer gastrointestinal tract.

Dental implants - the perfect way to avoid the above troubles. Remember that even on the 90th day after the extraction process begins atrophy of bone tissue, so do not procrastinate. Free online-consultation

Indications for implantation

You will be assigned implantation, if:

  • lacking one tooth;

  • lateral teeth removed;

  • missing several teeth in a row;

  • missing teeth.


It is not always possible implantation. The operation will not be performed if the patient is suffering:

  • oncology;

  • complex chronic diseases (diabetes, rheumatism, etc.);

  • blood diseases;

  • certain diseases of bones;

  • diseases of the nervous and immune systems.

The above described problems preclude surgery. There are also no absolute and relative contraindications. Implantation of some or all of the teeth is not recommended, but it is possible in the following cases:

  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding;

  • malocclusion;

  • gnashing his teeth in his sleep;

  • presence of metal implants in the body, etc.

Dental implants: Methods

The main methods include:

  • classical;

Classical implantation

  • After removal / tooth loss dental implant is implanted through a 1.5 - 2 months.

  • Necessarily bone incremented if it is insufficient, in which case the procedure is performed to implant the implant after 5 months.

  • The crown is set at 4 - 6 months in the implant.

Classical implantation takes a lot of time, not less than one year.

Advantages of the implant

  • It is best worked out.

  • In classical dental implants can install bridge, consisting of of a few teeth.

Basal implants (immediate load)

In some sources, this method has the names of 4D-implantology. It is used when there is all the teeth, or at least 3 in a row of teeth.

Advantages basal implantation

  • It is used even when the failure of the bone tissue.

  • On the third day on dental implants established temporary, but withstand full load prostheses.

But such an operation is often rejection, as well as quite severely affected bone and mucosa.

One-stage transgingival implantation (immediate load)

This implant has many names, but we are talking about one and the same: endoscopic, with immediate load, rapid implantation , бесшовная , transgingival , бескровная ,одноэтапная , безоперационная . But for this implant bone must be right.


  • In 2, a maximum of 4 sessions implanted tooth.

  • Painless.

  • Dental implants all can implant at once the same after removal tooth.

How many years put an implant?

All dentists are hoping that the artificial tooth will serve patients from 5 to 10 years. Sometimes there are patients who are asked to set the teeth implants after 3 years of service.

This means:

  • low quality performed dentist work;

  • wrong selection materials and t. d.

This is a fairly complicated procedure - implantation. This operation should be carried out in compliance with the highest possible sterility.

Preparing the patient for surgery

  • treatment of caries;

  • orthopedic training;

  • Treatment of periodontitis;

  • Treatment of periodontal disease or periodontitis;

  • dental implants demand special Care, however before surgery held consultation. The case unwillingness or inability to patient follow regulations by care, the implant not set.

And remember that the implant should not be accompanied by painful sensations! A good dentist will be sure to take care of the right quantity and the right administration of anesthesia.

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