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Immediate load in Belarus

Classical implantation - operation, which allows efficient, painless install analogue of the natural tooth. It has many advantages over other methods of prosthetics. More and more patients go to the doctor for this service. The main thing, as everyone knows, to find a good doctor who loves his work, and people are constantly improving as a professional.

At present day dentistry offers a more comfortable treatment. This immediate load (implants for everybody) implantation. It differs from other methods in that, after the installation of the implant head over the edge of the gums acts, that is, you do not have to make repeated surgery. On the protruding portion is set bit, first a temporary, but after a few months - constant.

In some cases, a dentist will advise you one-step implantation

  • at edentulous (missing all teeth);

  • when traumatizing tooth from penetration under gum;

  • suitable for patients who have panic fear of surgery, since the procedure almost bloodless.

Immediate load implantation: Contraindications:

  • inflammatory diseases of the mouth or in the bones (cysts, granulomas);

  • low immunity;

  • mental illness;

  • bone diseases;

  • diabetes;

  • Problems with the endocrine system;

  • oncology;

  • complicated by tuberculosis;

  • diseases associated with blood and hematopoiesis;

  • connective tissue disease;

  • AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases;

  • increased tone of the masticatory muscles.

Also, single-stage implants are not installed, if the extracted tooth hole too wide.

Relative contraindications for implantation in a single step:

  • caries;

  • overbite;

  • pregnancy;

  • inflamed gums;

  • periodontitis;

  • lack of oral hygiene;

  • alcoholism, drug addiction, nicotine addiction;

  • arthritis, arthritis of the joints.

Single-stage, as well as other, implants can not be installed if there is a severe disease of the above, but can be eliminated relative contraindications, receive medical treatment or getting rid of bad habits. In the case of pregnancy, you need to wait. But the best advice in these cases with a qualified dentist.

As you can see, there are certain restrictions on the conduct of this operation, but most people can still afford such a procedure as a one-step implantation. The price is justified by an excellent result.

Indications for implant placement in a single step:

  • general state of health must be at a sufficiently high level;

  • should be enough bone tissue;

  • you must have sufficient to immobilize the implant and the possible closure of the gums zone attached gums.

Advantages of the single-stage implantation over conventional:

  • rapid restoration of teeth by means of temporary prosthesis beauty;

  • It does not suffer from the bite due to the absence of a tooth;

  • relatively fast adaptation to temporarily set design;

  • one-step implantation has a price less than a classic, as it is not required in the subsequent one more surgery;

  • no need to recover the second notch gums since it will not.

But rapid implantation (this is one of the names) has disadvantages:

  • It may not be suitable for people with a low line of a smile, as the protrusion profile differs from the classical implantation;

  • there is a need to replace a temporary structure constant.

One-stage implantation in Minsk - this is the purpose for which many residents of neighboring countries visit our Republic. And all because we have carried out an operation at an excellent level. We use the most advanced and high-quality materials, which have certificates of conformity.

Contact by phone listed on the site, if you want a one-step implantation. The price you will be called immediately. We decided not to act, as many dental clinics that we do not umalchivaemo cost of works and materials, to entice the customer a false cheapness.

One-stage implantation (Minsk) - is not a luxury, and taking care of your health and attractiveness.

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