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Prices of implantation

Most important of all - health. And healthy teeth - it is the best option, more valuable white and perfectly smooth artificial, so loving parents from childhood taught us to comply with oral hygiene, fed foods rich in calcium. A major role is also played by heredity. But if the teeth are inexorably deteriorate? If we are in a period of life have forgotten about their health, and a smile is not so beautiful, but the dentist insists on the removal of bad teeth? There is a solution - implantation in Minsk. The cost is quite high, but available.

What is an implant?

Implant (abbreviation) in dentistry called artificial tooth root made, usually made ​​of titanium.

The two parts are the components of the tooth:

  • supragingival (crown);

  • subgingival (root).

All the organs are interconnected and carry out their functions. What happens when chewing, and as dental implants (Minsk) can influence this process? The load is transmitted from the tooth crown to the root, and then - the root of the surrounding bone. It made ​​her meals. In the absence of teeth, inflammatory diseases, poorly-made filling or crown load is distributed correctly and bone atrophy. At present, no type of prosthesis does not give a good replacement for a healthy tooth as dental implants. Minsk offers your choice of a lot of dental clinics that are able to make your smile perfect.

Advantages of implantation.

  • Protection of bone atrophy. Many people do not go to the dentist in a timely manner, "pulled" to the last, which is sad. This person, often unconsciously, begins to chew basically defined jaw side.It turns out, not all the teeth receive the necessary load. Bone due to the lack of adequate nutrition becomes thinner. As a result, pain in the jaw, headaches, inability to open his mouth wide, absent-mindedness, etc. Dental implants will solve this problem. Minsk offers services of different health centers.

  • implant substitutes forfeited a tooth. It decides problem not only health, but and beauty. Alternate implantation method (prosthetics bridging prosthesis) often given at the cost of killingneighboring healthy teeth and their sawing. But natural teeth - this ideal option that we must to choose always! Sane people at that case prefer implanting teeth in Minsk. Prices for the "bridge" sometimes turn out even higher than the implant.

  • Implants recover our confidence at currently. Implantation makes possible decision even highly complex issues from teeth. And here we we have beautiful, nothing not distinguishable fromnatural teeth.

Implantation is practiced around the world for half a century. Science does not stand still, and every year improving treatments and materials are getting better. Today the level of dental implants in Minsk and its cost is optimal, so the demand for treatment is growing. Installation of implants - a completely painless procedure and quality. Dentists believe implantation today the most progressive way to maintain health and to restore the attractiveness of a smile. Science has reached a point where doctors are finding ways to save teeth that are even in the unfortunate situation. But dentists are not magicians. Sometimes it does not work. Then comes to the aid in Minsk implantation. The prices allow us to take advantage of this achievement. Remain satisfied even the most scrupulous and demanding patients.

Implantation justifies its price: you get not only the beauty, but also comfort. The implant is not felt in the mouth. You can chew, as before, the sensitivity is not reduced by the presence of the artificial tooth. Prosthesis is much worse than in Minsk implantation. Prices in different clinics. But do not believe the low cost: You then must make sure that the bulk of the iceberg - that is a lot more work, the cost of certain materials - is hidden from you until the right moment.

Implants with proper care will last you for decades. In any case, medical treatment will give you a guarantee. But in order to avoid these problems, it is better initially to choose a doctor who has a good experience, I learned a lot and continue to learn.

Do not worry, it's painless and safe - implantation in Minsk. Prices vary for different materials. At the dentist you decide this question. Smart doctor will advise you the best option, taking into account the quality, cost, and your interests.

Be healthy! And raduyte surrounding radiant smile!

Two-stage implantation of a classic: the price

The implant (Cortex, Adin, Roott, IHDE Dental, Noris Medical, SPI, etc.)


The implant (Alpha-Bio, MIS)


The crown on the implant (the implant cermet Cortex, Adin, Roott, IHDE, SPI , etc.)


The crown on the implant (metal ceramic on implant Alpha-Bio, MIS)


Basal (one-step) implantation: prices

Basal (immediate load) implant (Roott, IHDE Dental, Noris Medical) with a crown (metal-ceramic or metalloakrilovoy, depending on the evidence, to the discretion of the physician)


The complex (in the absence of teeth in the jaw) 12-14 crowns and 10 implants


Replacing metalloacrylic crowns sintered metal-ceramic


prosthesis prices

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