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Prosthesis, prices that do not bite!

With the loss of masticatory function of teeth and smile Beauty patients have to seek the help of a dentist. In this case, the treatment rates and prosthetics are determined by taking into account the treatment method, the volume of work performed and the cost of the implant.

What should I consider when getting services?

In the process of forming prices for prosthetics following factors are considered:

  • strength of structures to be established;

  • time spent on the provision of services;

  • the price of the implant;

  • painless procedure;

  • specialist qualifications.

On what conditions it depends on the cost of prosthesis and implantation?

Prices for complete prosthetics or implantation directly depend on:

  • the complexity of the work of the doctor. These can be single restoration, complex and one or both of the jaw;

  • the number of used implants or prostheses;

  • installed material for the prosthesis or implant;

  • used methods of anesthesia, depending on the doctor's testimony;

  • of such related works as an X-ray diagnosis, removal of damaged and not being treated units, Impression, remedial work under bite.

metall ceramic crown 100$
zirconia crown 300$
temporary crown 30$

prices of implantation

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